Some of the Greatest Putters of All Time (Humans)

Bobby Locke, the South African golfer, was a marvel to behold on the green. He was known for his uncanny ability to read the most complex greens and sink putts with unmatched precision. His secret? A firm belief in the adage that you drive for show, but putt for dough.

Then we have the legendary Jack Nicklaus, known as the Golden Bear. His prowess on the green was a key component of his extraordinary career, which included 18 major championship wins. His putting was characterized by a smooth stroke and an almost supernatural ability to judge distance and line, even under the most intense pressure.

Of course, we must mention Tiger Woods. During his prime, Tiger was a magician on the greens, making putts that seemed impossible to the ordinary eye. His clutch putting under pressure was a hallmark of his game, and his performances in the 2000s, in particular, are the stuff of legend.

And we can’t forget Tom Watson. A five-time British Open champion, Watson was known for his competitive spirit and his exceptional skill with the flat stick. He was adept at both long lag putts and those tricky short ones, demonstrating time and again the importance of a reliable putting game.

Last but certainly not least is Ben Crenshaw, a man I had the privilege to coach. Ben had an almost poetic putting stroke. His touch on the greens was soft, yet firm, and he had an incredible sense for speed and line.

The common thread between all these greats is not just their undeniable talent, but their understanding of the critical role of putting in golf. They knew that the power of the drive is only as good as the precision of the putt. In the words of the great Arnold Palmer: “You must play boldly to win,” and nowhere is that boldness more critical than on the green.