The First 18 Holes of Golf

A person writing a letter

A fictional little story of a Ben, who just finished his first 18 holes of golf I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. The daffodils in the garden must be in full bloom now. I often think of how beautifully they contrast with the vibrant green of the surrounding grass, almost …

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Ode to Choosing the Putter

A golfer putting a ball on the green

Upon the store’s sacred aisle, I stride, Where gleaming rows of putters abide. Oh, the paradox of choice – so vast, so wide, Like Concord’s stream in the springtide. Each putter, a promise, a potential mate, Yet which to trust with my fate? To choose but one amidst the legion, A trial of wisdom, a …

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Dear Putter, I Love You but I Hate You

A golfer placing a ball on the green to putt it in the hole

Dear putter, companion of the fairway and the green, In whose presence, life’s varied hues are seen. You’re a beacon, a torment, a source of delight, Under the sun’s gaze and the moon’s silvery light. In the morning’s dew, with the lark’s sweet tune, We dance together under the rising moon. Every stroke, a question …

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The Legend of Scotty Cameron – What Is a Scotty?

A golf ball right in front of the hole

Aye, I see you’re interested in the legend of Scotty Cameron, are ya? Now, there’s a name that makes a golfer’s heart flutter. Our lad Scotty was born in the year of ’62, and started his journey with naught but a garage for a workshop. Today, his name rings out in every golf course, right …

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The Greatest Putts (And Chips) In Golf’s History

a golf player on the putting green

The putt is the last stroke to finish a hole and to determine the score. Naturally, over the years, they were responsible for game-winning and simply awe-striking moments. Here are some of the greatest putts of all time (though they weren’t all done with a putter;): Tiger Woods, 2005 Masters: Let’s start with an unconventional …

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Some of the Greatest Putters of All Time (Humans)

A golf player aligning a putt on the putting green

Bobby Locke, the South African golfer, was a marvel to behold on the green. He was known for his uncanny ability to read the most complex greens and sink putts with unmatched precision. His secret? A firm belief in the adage that you drive for show, but putt for dough. Then we have the legendary …

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Let Me Tell You About the History of the Putter

A golf all laying on the green in front of the hole

I’d like to take you on a journey to where the first putters in golf appeared. Let’s travel to the Middle Ages in Scotland, where golf was born. The putters of that era were no sophisticated tools; they were wooden sticks, known by the moniker “cleeks.” The term “putter” has its roots in the old …

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A Look at the First Putters

A beautiful viel of a putting green in a landscape

In Scotland’s Middle Ages, the genesis of golf saw the first putters come to life. Quite simple, they were. Almost like sticks, primarily crafted from wood, these primordial putters earned the name “cleeks.” The term “putter” itself owes its origin to the old Scottish vernacular. The word “put” meant to push – a fitting verb …

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An Introduction to Putting

A golf all laying on the putting green - waiting to be hit by a putter.

Golf, often compared to life, is a game of patience and precision. Perhaps nowhere in the sport are these qualities more critical than in the deceptively simple act of putting. In an era of explosive drives and powerful swings, the art of putting remains a testament to the game’s enduring need for calm focus and …

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